High end residential & commercial interior design services.
Wichita, Kansas
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My mission is to create and implement a design concept for your space that makes you feel the way you want to feel, bringing the excitement and enthusiasm you deserve when you enter your home.
I will skillfully apply the visual sciences of color theory, space and scale to create a synergistic approach. I will also make technical decisions related to function, building codes, plumbing stacks and load bearing walls.
I will work very closely with vendors and contractors and access professional design centers to source products with the styles, textures, patterns and colors you will simply fall in love with.
As your full-service designer, I will take care of every detail of the design project and implementation from initial concept to the final approval of finished work.
The design process starts with a personalized consultation in your home. We’ll discuss such things as how the space will be used, various design styles and preferences, color choices and patterns, textures and materials and much, much more.
Then I will create a style concept board that expresses what we have discovered about the feeling you want to experience in your space.
I will also provide schematics, floor plans, lighting plans, material samples and all the other elements needed to make the dream a reality.
I’ll work closely with contractors, tradesmen, suppliers and everyone who’ll be involved in the creation of the design. I’ll be with you every step of the way so that you can step into your new space and start living the dream.
Now that you've learned a little about me, I'd like to learn more about you! Please take a few moments to fill out the form below and tell me how I can help you start living the dream. I promise I will respond very promptly!

High end residential & commercial interior design services.
Wichita, Kansas
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